Diagnostic & Treatment Services

We provide comprehensive, high-quality testing and treatment services including:

•  Bone marrow biopsies            ChemoRoom-2781_442x234
•  Antibiotic therapy
•  Therapeutic phlebotomies
•  IV hydration
•  Warfarin INR management
•  Mediport maintenance
•  Intrathecal chemotherapy
•  Intravenous infusion regimens other than chemotherapy such as IV iron and treatment for ITP
•  Chemotherapy infusion administration on-site and through RMC infusion suite
•  Coordination of oncolytic therapies and hematologic therapies provided only by specialty pharmacies
•  Coordination for outpatient blood transfusions, IVIG and other infusion therapy through RMC infusion suite and at SMH
•  Coordination of a full spectrum of oncologic care outside this office including thoracentesis, paracentesis, percutaneous biopsy, port placement, radiation therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy, lymphedema therapy, home health and hospice
•  Surgical referral

We also participate in national clinical trials, providing qualifying patients access to innovative new treatments.